Lessons for Leaders

Leaders are those who understand human needs, accept human differences, and choose to be a catalyst for conflict resolution solutions. Leaders accept ownership for their actions and the responsibility for directing constructive change. Leaders are neither born nor made: Leadership is a CHOICE that you make for yourself.

If you lived it, a memory was born and subsequently stored in the data base of your mindŠavailable for instant recall. A single word, picture, touch, sound, or scent is enough to evoke these memories in the same way a computer pulls abstract data from your hard drive to form images on your monitor. New ³pictures² are developed with each new experience. To awaken the memories of those who would lead is this collection of inspiring, independent truths; stories, passages and examples from The Teacher Down the Hall Seminar Series.

May these passages inspire you to rekindle lost relationships, awaken hope, and remind you that leadership is trulyŠa choice that you make for yourself.
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