What people say...

"Building good relationships with others is the foundation for personal success. Participation in a full day weekend leadership development training was a life changing experience. Mr. Faller did a pheonomenal job. As a result of his Leadership-Relationship training, our entire board was able to experience a productive and profitable Leadership Development Retreat. It was one of the best as far as participants attitude, cooperation, and productivity. The principles and concepts learned are invaluable. Mr. Faller's seminars should be available to all leaders!" Monica Jackson, President of the Virginia Alliance, Richmond, VA

"I read Tod Faller's first book with great interest due to an ongoing conflict I was experiencing at work. The book helped me look past the behavior of others and see their needs. The principles of understanding and acceptance Mr. Faller suggested have helped reduce conflict at work.  I feel certain his next book will prove just as helpful as we move towards improved communication and conflict resolution." - Marsha Evans CRNP, Hershey Medical Center Hershey, PA

"Tod delivers a dynamic, well organized program. He grabs your attention, involves the audience and delivers great, relevant information that everyone can use. Our employees loved him!"- Rick Williams, Assistant Manager‹HR Monongalia County Schools, Morgantown, WV

"Tod presented communications workshops at our law firm's annual retreat. There were over 50 attorneys in the room and Tod kept all of us captivated and entertained while giving us valuable information and skills that will be discussed in our firm for years to come." - Diane M. Goffinet, Senior Staff Attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc.

"Tod offers the reader and workshop participants practical and effective approaches to understanding human behavior." - Jim Reidel, Education Learning Focused Solutions,Inc. Scottsdale, AZ

"Outstanding book with practical, down to earth information, that anyone can use to help themselves or others. Linda Geronilla, Ph.D. Psychologist and Life Coach

"I just finished reading your book, cover to cover. You've taken concepts tht so many people struggle with everyday and have broken them down in very understandable ways. By the end of the book you had me writing out steps that I need to focus on to reach my goals!" - Janet Drey, National Executive Director, TEC, Des Moiines, Iowa

"When opening the "file" on Tod Faller's Lessons for Leaders one finds a unique blend of prcitcal leadership reflectoins taht touch all aspects of leading an organization and its people. Tod's gift for providing user friendly opportunities for professional growth is evident. Whether it be used to mentor aspiring leaders, challenge veterans leaders or merely a daily reflection for anyone who works to beter his or her organization Lessons for Leaders is a treasure for professionals in the public or private arena. Kudos once again to Tod. John F. Elcesser, Superingtendent of Schools, Catholic Diocese of Richmond

"Without a doubt, as an education administrator with 33 years of experience...from principal to superintendent...I strongly encourage both current and aspiring administrators to read this thought provoking book. Tod's practical and humanistice approach is truly an attention-getter." R.P. Powell Executive Director RESA II, Huntington, WV

"This entire series is what you would like to say, but do not always have the ability. Communication is a critical area in every facet of life. It is a two way street and Tod puts you on it. Stephanie, Lackey, Coordinator of Parent Education, Pickens County, South Carolina

"Learning how to lead more effectively is a critical skill for new and seasoned leaders. Mr. Faller writes with humor and insight while encouraging leaders to be true servants. His book is a a valuable contribution to the lederhsip discussion. Senator Mike Hall, WV State Legislature.

Some excerpts from seminar evaluations.

"I would have loved a whole weekend of Tod Faller's seminars!"-

"What a terrific job of communicating, teaching, motivating and inspiring!"

"He was amazing, uplifting!"

"I saw into your heart. I will always remember the importance of listening."

"Now THIS is staff development! Keep it coming!"

"Mr. Faller provides an excellent seminar. He always presents a good workshop, regardless of the topic."

"Loved the real life examples...I could relate."

"I really didn't want to go. But then I got pulled in...and didn't want to leave."

"I could this all day."

"My family will reap the benefits from this unbelievable eye opening day. Can't say 'Thank You' enough!"

"He got my attention from the beginning and I hung on every word."

"Loved the activities used to tie in concepts with real life."

"Is it over already?"

"When is he coming back?"

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