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(Terra Alta) Terra Alta)— Sept 1, 2007: The release of the fourth and final book in “The Teacher Down the Hall” Seminar Series.

Do you prefer to listen when others speak to you…or are you waiting only to insert what you want to say?

Find out the difference…and improve your relationships in Headline Books latest title, “I’m LISTENING!” by Culloden, WV resident and former school administrator, Tod Faller. “I'm LISTENING!” is Tod Faller's final book in his nationally popular, four book, Teacher Down the Hall Seminar Series. Each book, as each seminar in the series, is written to be another step in the process of helping preteens and teens…and their parents, families, classmates, teachers, coworkers and employers... to understand, accept and resolve their Interpersonal Conflicts.

"Highly Effective Communication is not measured by how much you say, but in how well you listen,” says Faller. “My objective was to write for pre-teens and teenagers… and their parents and teachers… to help them through those "turbulent" times; middle school through high school. My hope is to promote understanding of the nature of our human nature... and the difference between our human behaviors and needs. The goal with this book...and this series...was to provide practical strategies that could be used to build and sustain positive relationships.”

The first book in the series is “What did you do THAT for?” The second; “So THAT’S why you’re like that.” A companion reader of motivational stories and messages taken from the series, is called LESSONS for LEADERS.

After hundreds of presentations of these seminars, to thousands of participants in schools and business across the country, his intent remains the same: to instill understanding; to encourage acceptance; to establish open communication; to sustain relationships; to diminish Intrapersonal confusion; and to resolve Interpersonal conflicts.

“If you are willing to look beyond the behavior, to serve the need others are trying to meet, you will be amazed to find that others will go out of their way to meet your Needs, and they won’t even realize why they’re doing it… guaranteed!” Faller says.
Tod Faller has a Pastoral Ministry Certification in Counseling, an MA degree in Educational Leadership and post graduate doctoral work in Organizational Leadership, Personal Relations and Family Counseling. He has served the profession of education, in both public and private school systems… in Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education… as a teacher, counselor, principal, program director, and independent consultant for nearly 40 years.

Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reality Therapy, and Choice Theory, Tod has also provided university graduate instruction in such areas as Adult Development, Work Behavior, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Communications, and Motivation Theory. Tod has traveled extensively… literally from Green Bay to Tampa Bay… presenting interactive communication, motivation, and leadership seminars.

In addition to finding this book in your favorite bookstore, readers may also order direct from the publisher: Headline Books, Inc., P.O. Box 52, Terra Alta, WV  26764; call toll free, 1-800-570-5951, www.headlinebooks.com.


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Written specifically with students, teachers and parents in mind, you will find this book in your favorite bookstores, or you may order direct from the publisher:

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