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"The Teacher Down The Hall" is a National Book and Presention Series. This series will accelerate student achievement through the establishment of professional learning communities: increasing collaboration, forming positive parent/student/teacher relationships, promoting positive parent involvement, training mentors, establishing compatible teams, and in accepting the motivation that lies behind every behavior.

** --Tod Faller's seminars and workshops are GUARANTEED to build better relationships, teamwork and unity of purpose. These popular, fast paced and fun seminars have been presented to thousands of participants in schools and school systems across the country. The goal is to build UNITY within your school/team COMM-UNITY.

NOTE: For any Staff Development to be effective, it must be on-going and sustained beyond the day of the training. As it takes 21 days to build new habits, Tod Faller will follow-up (by E-mail) with participants at least four times over the following month. He will provide additional relationship building strategies, support and encouragement while remaining open to participants as they practice the skills and strategies taught in these sessions.

** --The Teacher Down the Hall Seminar Series

1) ** "First YOU... then me."

How many times have you wondered, or said out loud, "What did You Do THAT For?" In this fun and fast paced session, you will recognize the difference between our human NEEDS and our human BEHAVIORS. Look behind the negative or inappropriate behaviors of others and you will discover the Need that motivated those Behaviors. You can't be expected to understand every human behavior ... but you CAN easily understand our five basic Needs. If you willing to set your own agenda aside, to help OTHERS meet THEIR Needs, you will quickly discover how THEY will go out of their way to meet YOUR Needs...and they won't even realize why they're doing it... Guaranteed! And in the process, you will have the answer to your question: "What did you do THAT for?"

2) ** "Excuse me? Did you just say what I thought I saw?"

Personal and professional relationships are dependent upon understanding OTHERS and how others are to understand US. A thousand times a day we speak through our Words, Inflection, and Body Language (non-verbal). Do you want to hear what you are really saying to others ... even when you're saying nothing at all?

3) ** "I'm LISTENING!"

True communications and understanding is never in the intent of the speaker; it is always in the message received by the listener. We humans NEED to relate to each other. Relationships will be built and conflicts resolved when you practice these four "A's" of Active Listening. You will be amazed how OTHERS will begin treating YOU differently, more positively, they will do it willingly, and THEY won't even know why they're doing it ... GUARANTEED!

4) ** "Can't we all just get along?"

Our human BEHAVIORS give us the impression that we are so different; our human NEEDS are what we have in common. But it is our PERSONALITIES that give us balance. In this active, fun, and hands-on seminar, participants will learn their own personality traits, and the traits of those around them. Participants will immediately discover why some people excel in certain tasks, yet flounder in others. And the question will be answered as to why you choose to admire and respect some folks ... yet remain in conflict with others.

5) ** "Take me to your LEADER."

Leaders are neither born nor made; it is a decision that you make for yourself. In the same way you choose your attitude, you can choose to be a person that others will follow, trust, and rely on for direction. Leaders can be formal and informal, parents and teachers, service staff and students. All leaders choose to be… some are paid to be; we call these our Leadership. For your spring retreat or summer Leadership training, form the commitment necessary to pull your independent leaders into a common unit… to reffirm the unity in your Comm-unity.

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