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is Tod Faller's national award winning third book in his popular Teacher Down the Hall Seminar Series. Named to "Best Books in America" by USA Today, this book, as each book in the series, is written to be another step in the process of helping others to UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT and RESOLVE their Interpersonal Conflicts. ISBN 0929915704, 7 x 10, PB, 112 pages, Retail Price $15.95

Lessons for Leaders

Paperback - $15.95
Audio Book [2 CD set] - $19.95

Audio Book [2 CD set] - $19.95
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Leaders are those who understand human needs, accept human differences, and choose to be a catalyst for conflict resolution solutions. Leaders accept ownership for their actions and the responsibility for directing constructive change. Leaders are neither born nor made: Leadership is a CHOICE that you make for yourself.

If you lived it, a memory was born and subsequently stored in the data base of your mind…available for instant recall. A single word, picture, touch, sound, or scent is enough to evoke these memories in the same way a computer pulls abstract data from your hard drive to form images on your monitor. New “pictures” are developed with each new experience. To awaken the memories of those who would lead is this collection of inspiring, independent truths; stories, passages and examples from The Teacher Down the Hall Seminar Series.

May these passages inspire you to rekindle lost relationships, awaken hope, and remind you that leadership is truly a choice that you make for yourself.

So THAT'S Why you're Like That!
Audio Book [2 CD set] - $19.95
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The second book in the series, "So THAT'S why you're like that!" includes true stories of interpersonal, offering incites into Understanding, Accepting, and Resolving Conflict.

Do you want a better life? Do you want the conflict(s) to stop? Do you want better relationships with those around you? Do you want people to like you, to respect you, and to include you in their lives? Do you want a life full of fun, family and friends? Do you want to stop hoping for it... and begin realizing it? Then it is, as it always has been, all about YOU to make it happen.

What did you do THAT for?
Audio Book [2 CD set] - $19.95
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The first book in this series, “What did you do THAT for?”, will help you understand the difference between our human Behaviors and our human Needs.

There are more behaviors then there are stars in the sky, but every behavior is simply each person’s best attempt to meet what we have all in common: our basic human Needs. Our behaviors are what separate us, but our Five (5) basic Needs are what we have in common.

What would happen if instead of reacting to the unwelcome or inappropriate behaviors of others, you instead learn to look past the Behavior to recognize the Need others are trying to meet?

You would soon learn that by first working to meet the Needs of others, others will begin going out of their way to meet YOUR Needs... and they won't even realize why they're doing it.... Guaranteed

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Written specifically with students, teachers and parents in mind, you will find this book in your favorite bookstores, or you may order direct from the publisher:

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