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Understanding * Accepting * Resolving Conflict

8 – 8:30 *Registration/ continental breakfast

8:30 – 9 Conversations: Lessons for Leaders

9- 10:30 Presentation #1: “What did you do THAT for?”
Understandingthe Nature of our Human Nature

You can't be expected to understand every human behavior ... but you CAN easily understand these five basic Needs. Learn to look behind the negative or inappropriate behaviors of others, to help OTHERS meet THEIR Needs, and THEY will go out of their way to meet YOUR Needs ... Guaranteed!

10:30 – 10:45 Break

10:45 – Noon Presentation #2:

“When will they learn to LISTEN?”
ResolvingInterpersonal CONFLICT

True communications and understanding is never in the intent of the speaker; it is always in the message received by the listener. We humans NEED to relate to each other. Relationships will be built and conflicts resolved when you practice these four "A's" of Active Listening. You will be amazed how OTHERS will begin treating YOU differently, more positively, and THEY won't even know why they're doing it ... GUARANTEED!

LUNCH (provided)

1 – 1:30 Conversations: Leaders and Learners

1:30 – 3 Presentation #3:

“Can’t we all just get along?”
Acceptingthe more we’re different, the more we’re exactly alike.

Our human BEHAVIORS are what keep us apart; our human NEEDS are what we have in common. But it is our PERSONALITIES that give us balance. In this active, fun and highly charged session, participants will learn their own personality traits, and the traits of those around them. Participants will immediately discover why some people excel in certain tasks, yet flounder in others. And the question will be answered as to why you choose to admire and respect some folks ... yet remain in conflict with others.

3 -3:30 Conversations: Lessons for Learners


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