Tod Faller, Director, Human Resource Leadership

Some REFERENCES for Tod Faller’s,
“The Teacher Down the Hall” Seminar/Book Series *

• "I was totally entertained and captivated from start to finish."- Keynote Address; Lewis County Schools,

• “Fabulous…just fabulous: In all of my years with the system, I’ve never received such acclaim for a trainer. They want to know, ‘When is he coming back!’” Seminars, Walden Schools System, NY

• "I've never been so completely enthralled. What a message!" - Keynote Address, St. Paul, Mn

• “Wow! What a great story teller. Just… Wow!” - Full-day Seminar, Virginia Alliance, Richmond, VA

• "I couldn't believe the high level of enthusiasm maintained through the entire day!" – Full-day Seminar, Boone County Schools

• "The best training I've ever experienced in 22 years with the state." - WV Dept. of Employment Security

• "A perfect blend of humor with a great message." – State Middle School Conference, Memphis, TN

• “A comedian with a message.” - Keynote Address – Berkeley County Schools, WV

• “His seminars are fun, fast paced, interactive and guaranteed to alter the way you look at the people and relationships in your life.” - SREB Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.

• “Outstanding! I can’t wait to go back to school to practice what I’ve learned!” Full-day Seminar, Charles City School District, Charles City, VA

• “I could do this all day! I may never look at others the same way again.” Full-day Seminar – NC Charter Schools.

• “I loved it all. I can’t wait for the follow-up!” Full-day conference; Paris Independent Schools, Ky

• “He had my attention, immediately and completely; what a message!” Keynote Address -Franklin County Schools- Red Bay, Alabama

• “What a terrific way to kick off the school year!” Keynote address; Campbell County Schools, Ky

• “Awesome! Eye opening! Excellent! Captivating! Motivating! Great!” – Seminars - Broward County Schools, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

• "I've heard motivational addresses in this school system for 25 years, but nothing as powerful as that!" Rock Island, Il

* "I will forever be able to look back and tell you the date and time when my life changed for the better. Thank you simply will not express my gratitude for this day. Child Care Conf., LaPlatt, MD

* "I loved this!! I just wish all educators could get out of this what I did. This makes me excited and honored to be a teacher! Metro Tech Center, Full day seminar, Oklahoma City, OK

* * * * *


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