To accelerate student achievement through the establishment of professional learning communities; increasing collaboration, forming positive student/teacher relationships, establishing compatible teams, and in accepting the motivation that lies behind every behavior.

CONFERENCE: Objectives:

· To convince instructional leaders that to build a Community of Learners, leaders must first build common-unity among their learners.

· To reduce the need for grievances as the preferred process to diminish Interpersonal conflicts.

· To demonstrate that all behaviors are learned; all behaviors are choices; all behaviors can change.

· To demonstrate how a better understanding and acceptance of human behaviors, needs and personalities will resolve Internal confusion and diminish Interpersonal conflicts.

· To provide guaranteed pathways to internal peace, stronger Interpersonal communication skills, and more positive relationships.

· To prove that the more people are different, the more we are exactly alike.

· To demonstrate how others will soon begin treating you differently, more positively, and they won’t even know why they’re doing it.


· Participants will acknowledge personal responsibility for the formation of positive relationships, work teams, and site based professional learning communities.

· Participants will understand and accept the basics required to build on-going, consistent and sustained trust relationships with students and adults.

· Participants will learn the skills necessary to respectfully resolve differences and acknowledge personal and culturally differences.

· Participants will increase their ability to read words, inflection and body language to better meet the needs of others.

· Participants will learn to actively employ all three aspects of communications to become Active Listeners: words, inflection and body language (non-verbals).

· Participants will make the connection between relationships and student achievement.

· Participants will voluntarily begin making personal positive behavior modifications that will lead others to follow.

· You will realize why others (students, parents, coworkers) will begin treating you differently, more positively, and they won’t even realize why they’re doing it… Guaranteed.

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