Tod Faller and Headline Books, Inc. will deliver a fun, interactive, uplifting and guaranteed keynote address, seminar or a full-day "Teacher Down the Hall" Relationship Building staff development seminar series to YOUR school or school system.* :

At YOUR location:
Relationship / Community (team) Building and
Conflict Resolution Solutions

GUARANTEE Staff Development MUST be on-going and sustained to be effective. Without follow through and practice, the enthusiasm and strategies participants take away from an initial training will soon fade. Tod Faller will “stay with” participants to provide additional strategies, support, and encouragement at least four times over the following month. He will remain available by E-mail to respond to questions and concerns while participants practice the relationship and team building strategies provided.:

Who will benefit? The entire school system: Administration, faculty, parents,students, service personnel, business partners, and school volunteers.

(for the 2009-20010 academic year)
Keynote Address: Only $800:
A full-day seminar (conference) with your leadership/faculty and or parents… Only $1460

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For additional references, video demos, conference goals/objectives, to order books or audio CD’s, or for additional seminar information, please visit the other links on this web site.

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